Christiana Petousaki was born in Hania (Greece) in1976 and raised among several towns of Greece and  U.S.A. Her studies in photography begun in 1994 and a year later she was already teaching Dark Room Techniques at AKTO College in Athens, where she graduated in 1997 with Bachelor of Arts Degree. Her MA in Arts degree (Middlesex University, London) specification is Applying & Curating Fine Arts. She continues teaching in the areas of artistic and professional photography at AKTO art & design college.

She is a freelance photographer and organizes among many, seminars for professional and amateur photographers. Beyond her basic studies, Christiana has a continuous thirst for research and extends her knowledge through seminars and individual work and has curated numerous exhibitions.

Working, since 1996 in the field of advertising for product and architectural industry she has developed to an advanced lighting technician and imaginative proficient photographer, bringing a unique quality to her images. She has shot products, photo illustration, people, food, hotel & restaurants and has occupied with art project photography. One may find Christianas’ work in brochures, magazines, books, catalogs, websites and ad campaigns.

Christianas’ artistic personality cannot be restrained only in professional issues. She is a creative person spending time on making art and traveling throughout the world. Through her images, one may understand the sensitivity in her social & political views. Her artistic photographic work has being presented in four individual exhibitions: a. CROSS LIGHT, 1998 PIREUS (GR)b.WORLD PHOTOS, 1999 HANIA (GR) c. AFR-R-ICTION, 2007-08 CAPE TOWN (SA) d. VIABLE TESTIMONIES, 2009 RHODES (GR), and has participated in more than twenty group photographic exhibitions. Her work in the field of fine arts, concerning theatre, movie making and mixed media, has being presented in more then ten group exhibitions.